Evolutionary Biology


Kod przedmiotu1213S1-EWOLbs
Punkty ECTS 5
Typ zajęć Ćwiczenia
Przedmioty wprowadzające-
Wymagania wstępne-
Opis ćwiczeńFossilization and paleontological data - history of life in the light of palaeontological research. Construction of phylogenetic trees. Molecular clocks, genetic diversity, selection, genetic drift - mathematical modeling. Life history trade-offs and evolution.
Opis wykładówTree of Life - the Darwinian revolution and contemporay theory of evolution as a general ontological theory and general biological theory. Variability - mutation, variation, gene flows. Natural selection. The concept of selection - the unit of evolution. Genetic drift. Adaptations - adapting to the environment through evolutionary changes. Evolution in space. Species and speciation. Sexual selection. Reproductive barriers. Life history trade-offs and evolution. Evolution of gene and genomes. History of life on Earth - fossil data - biostratigraphy. Continental drift - mass extinctions - radiation. Phylogenesis. Molecular clock. The speed of evolution. Neutral evolution. Cultural evolution. Coevolution.
Cel kształceniaLecture - introduction to knowledge of mechanisms of evolution on the bases of contemporary concepts. Showing open and controversial issues and the possibility of seeing evolution as an adaptive process visible in the natural observation. Exercises - recognition of fossil material, teaching the principles of phylogenetic trees, analysing of data, preparing for a scientific discussion, improving the preparation of the presentation of a research problem based on scientific literature.
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